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6 Bottle Wine Safe Aluminum Travel Luggage from ICC

( NEW- Signature Series )
6_btl_luggage_mini Winesafe_chapagne_nov_016_mini
price:  $345.00
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This tough new specialty travel case is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with reinforced seamless corners and high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel components. A double-walled, insulated interior and specially engineered closed-cell foam inserts cradle your wine in a stable environment. A secure, lockable, latch system guards against accidental opening. This Signature series model is a re-designed version of the original model. It addresses the shortcomings of earlier models and is more mobile. If comparing our price to other's, make sure they are selling the Signature Series and not the older model; there is a price difference between the the different models.  So if our ICC Signature series model looks more expensive than what others are selling, it's most likely that we are selling the newest and best product from the manafacturer which is more expensive than the old model.   New features include a fully recessed handle, wheels mounted to the outer corners for better case stability, and a new guarded latch system. Manufactured in Idaho by Impact Case and Container, The Wine Safe comes with a lifetime warranty. Consider the investment you've already made in your wine, look at these incomparable containers, and remember the times you could have used them in the past - traveling by car, air or on board a boat. Factor in your peace of mind. 16 pounds actual weight.


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