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Burgundy Maps

( Cote De Nuits and Cote De Beaune )
Map_20set_mini Vosne_20romanee_20cdn_mini Le_20mont_20rachet_20cdb_mini
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Here are two detailed maps of Cotes Der Nuits and Cote De Beaune. Created by Sylvain Pitiot and Pierre Poupon, and published by Art & Cartographie, these maps are a perfect gift for that Francophile closest to your heart.

Both maps come as a pair in a single protective tube.

Frame them up, stand back, and stare at them for hours; maybe learn something.

They measure 59" x 22.8" on a scale of 1:20,000.

An ideal reference guide with color-coding for wines and appelations. Clearly delineated bounderies of named plots.


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